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Attorney visits are daily from 08:00 to17:00, during non-meal hours. An attorney may be limited to meeting with only one client at a time due to security risks. Special permission must be granted by the Jail Administrator for an attorney to meet with more than one inmate client at any one time. Attorney visits should be limited to times outside the normal visiting hours in order to better accommodate and facilitate an attorney visit.

Attorney/Attorney's Agent/Foreign Diplomatic Visits:

Inmates are not eligible for contact Attorney/Attorney's Agent/Foreign Diplomatic visits. Contact Attorney/Attorney's Agent/Foreign Diplomatic Visits may be granted by the Jail Administrator, but are subject to full restraints (leg irons and belly chains) at all times. Non-Contact visiting may be implemented by the Shift Supervisor if an inmate's behavior has recently been documented as disruptive, violent, and/or threatening, if requested by the Attorney/Attorney's Agent/Foreign Diplomat or if there is good cause to believe that a specific threat to the security of the facility exists.
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