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Visitor Property
1. Visitors are not permitted to enter the visiting area with pagers, cell phones, or any other electronic device not associated with an immediate medical health condition. Tobacco items of any kind, matches, or lighters are not allowed. Any weapon, device, object, or substance whether animates or inanimate that is capable of causing injury or fear of injury are not allowed. Alcohol, controlled substances, illegal substances, or prescribed medications are not allowed. Gifts, packages, magazines, books, purses, handbags, backpacks or any kind or any other personal items are not allowed.

2. Visitors will surrender all personal items to the Visiting Officer for inspection and approval. The Shift Supervisor on case-by-case bases shall make a determination on any questionable items not covered by this policy.

3. Visitors should take precautions to time their visits to not coincide with the need for the application of prescription medicine, including insulin, when possible. All prescription medicine, including insulin, will remain in the visitor's vehicle and should a need for these medicines arise, the visit is concluded. Under no circumstances will prescription medicines, including insulin, be allowed into the visiting area.

4. Visitors are required to exit the visiting area with all property that they originally entered with no exceptions. Under no circumstances is a visitor allowed to pass a possession of any item to an inmate.

Conduct of Visitors and Inmates

1. The exposing of, or physical contact with, the clothed or unclothed sexual body parts of an inmate or a visitor is prohibited.

2. Any disorderly conduct, which includes using hostile, vulgar, or profane language, unruly behavior, engaging in activities that disrupt or disturb others, creating loud noises, creating unsanitary conditions and which disrupts the orderly operation of the visiting room is prohibited.

3. Any violation of or an attempt to violate the regulations outlined in this policy statement will result in immediate termination of and may result in future suspension of visiting privileges or other administrative or legal remedy pursuant to the laws of the State of New Mexico.

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