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Entry Procedures for Visitors

1. Visitors may be subject to metal detectors, drug dogs or other drug detection instruments prior to being cleared for visiting. A visitor who refuses to cooperate or attempts to circumvent these detection procedures will not be allowed to visit that day and may be suspended from future visiting privileges.

2. Officers assigned to the Front Reception area should have periodic training in public relations and be exceptionally alert to prevent the introduction of contraband. Facilities with a walk through metal detector will have all visitors clear the metal detector prior to entry.

Violation Sanctions

When a visitor or inmate is involved in a minor or major violation that is disruptive to the orderly operation of the facility, the following sanctions may apply:

1. The first time a minor violation is committed by the visitor or inmate, the sanction may result in a suspension of visitation privileges for a period of up to (30) thirty calendar days to be determined by the Jail Administrator.

2. A second minor violation by a visitor or within a three-month period may result in a suspension of visitation privileges for a period of up to (6) six months to be determined by the Jail Administrator.

3. A third minor violation within a one-year period or a major violation committed by a visitor or inmate may result in an indefinite suspension or permanent termination of visiting privileges from the facility.

4. Visitors shall be notified in writing of the suspension of visitation privileges, via certified mail. A copy of this letter shall also be sent to the inmate. That visitor on his/her visiting card shall be removed.

5. Any visitor who has received a suspension or permanent termination from visiting may appeal his/her suspension or permanent termination to the Jail Administrator in writing within 45 days of receiving notification of suspension or termination of visitation. Any such appeal may be renewed annually.

6. Visitors, who use, possess, distribute or attempt to introduce alcohol, controlled substances or other contraband, while visiting will be reported to the appropriate local law enforcement agency and will be removed from the property.

7. Local law enforcement will be notified of any criminal offense committed by a visitor and the Department will request that the visitor committing the offense be prosecuted.

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