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To establish criteria and procedures to facilitate a program for inmate visitation.


All Sierra County Detention Facility employees, inmates and their visitors.

1. The Sierra County Detention Facility shall develop a visiting program appropriate to its security needs, space and personnel availability. Each program shall also govern extended visits and special visits and be in compliance with this policy and procedure.

2. The Sierra County Detention Facility shall provide a visiting program designed to enhance the inmates' opportunities to establish or maintain family and personal relationships and provide for confidential contact with their attorney or attorney's agent within the security limits of that facility.

3. It is the policy of the Sierra county Detention Facility that no underage visitor will be allowed to enter the facility without having been properly identified and accompanied by a responsible adult relative, a parent or legal guardian or has presented documented proof of the minor's legal marriage to the inmate.

4. It is the policy that the Sierra county Detention Facility follows the Dress Code for Visitors. Proper attire is deemed essential to the safety, security and sanitation of the institution. The dress code established in this policy will be uniformly followed throughout the Department including Contract Facilities.

5. The Sierra county Detention Facility shall not allow an inmate who is convicted of a sex crime against a relative or a crime of violence against a relative to have a visit with the relative who was the victim of that crime regardless of the age of the relative.

6. Deviations from this policy for other than emergency purposes are not permitted without written approval of the Jail Administrator.

7. Sufficient space shall be provided for a visiting room or area for non-contact visiting. There shall be adequate space to permit screening and searching of both inmates and visitors.

8. The number of visitors an inmate may receive and the length of visits may be limited by The Sierra county Detention Facility's schedule, space, and personnel constraints, or when there are substantial reasons to justify such limitations.

9. Written information regarding procedures governing visitation shall be made available to the inmate within 24 hours after arrival at the facility. At a minimum, the information will include, but not be limited to, the following:
Facility address/phone number, directions to the facility, Days and hours of visitation Approved dress code and identification requirements for visitors Special rules for minors Special visits

10. All visitors shall register upon entry into the facility (Procedure shall specify the circumstances under which visitors may be searched). 11. Foreign nationals shall have access to the diplomatic representative of their country of citizenship.
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