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Approval of Visitors:
1. All inmate visitors must submit a Visitor Application for Visiting Privileges in advance for processing and to be added to an inmate's visiting list before visitation is permitted. An inmate may not have more than 12 approved visitors listed on his/her visiting list. All Visitor Application for Visiting Privileges Forms that have been approved shall be placed in the Visitation file.

2. During the intake process at the facility, each inmate will be given a copy of the facility's rules/regulations to advise family/friends of the visitation procedure.

3. Visitor applications must be processed on a timely basis. The applicant will be notified of acceptance or rejection.

4. The fact that a person was previously granted a temporary visiting authorization does not necessarily mean permanent visiting privileges will be granted.

5. All applicants that are not relatives may not visit until their applications have been received, processed, approved, and appropriate notices issued.

6. Special Visit requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis in accordance with established program requirements and must be approved by the Jail Administrator.

7. All approved visitors that are 10 years of age and older, must surrender a valid picture ID upon entering a facility for visiting. The following are recognized picture ID's:
  1. Valid driver's license from any state.
  2. Valid State issued identification card from any state.
  3. Valid passport
  4. Valid military I.D.
  5. Valid immigration card picture I.D.
  6. Valid School I.D.
Any minor without a valid I.D. wanting to visit an inmate must either be a child, step-child or a spouse of that inmate. If the minor has a last name that differs from the inmate, the minor must provide a birth certificate or adoption papers naming the inmate as the parent or papers naming the inmate as a step-parent or legal guardian or a marriage license or marriage certificate.

8. Members of the clergy who are not approved volunteers and want to visit with an inmate on a professional basis must make a request to the Jail Administrator prior to any visit. Clergy that desire visits on a personal basis are subject to normal procedures as outlined for regular visitors.

9. Foreign nationals are afforded access to their diplomatic representative of their country of citizenship. Visits with a diplomatic representative shall be coordinated by the Jail Administrator.

10.NO Hospital Visits will be granted for any inmate who is being held at any Medical Facility without the approval of the Jail Administrator.

11. All special visits (e.g., visitors traveling a long distance, prospective employers, minor children, etc.) may be requested using the Special Visit Request form; Visitors must have prior initial approval by the Jail Administrator. Relatives who reside out-of-state and who seldom visit are not required to be listed on the inmate's approved visiting list and may have a special visit with prior written approval of the Jail Administrator.

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